Keep your clients informed about their project’s progress by sharing with them their very own direct link. A Direct Link will display members that work on the customer’s project and related bookings. That way, your customer knows when your team is working on their project and when they are on site or not.

There are 2 direct links for your clients:

Project Link: link that displays bookings related to a specific project

Client Link: link that displays all projects related to this client. That way, the customer can see all bookings, for all projects. 

To communicate the direct link to your clients:

  1. Go to Projects (to share one project) or Clients (to share all the projects of a client)
  2. Choose the project/client link you’d like to share
  3. Click Share
  4. The URL is instantly copied to clipboard
  5. Send the URL Link to your client by email, Slack or whatever you use to communicate