The Reporting section is made of three main components.

Key metrics graph: that graph gives you an overview of your team's key metrics for a month (Productivity - Utilization - Availability). That's the graph to look at if you want an instant idea of your team's performance. 


Project types graph: That graph allows you to rapidely see what your team has been busy at during a month. You can see the the total time spent working and compare the time spent on billable projects against the time spent on non-billable projects (and time off). 


Day-by-day project types: This calendar is a day-by-day vizualization of the time spent on each project type (from the previous graph) by your team, during the month. By clicking on the different colors (= project types) in a day, you can see who was working on which billable/non-billable projects and who was off that day.


Note: You can also use the filter system to refine the results and get individual data for a user, project, client or tag.