The Productivity and Utilization metrics show the performance and billing efficiency of your company within a month. You can refine the metrics by using the filter to check the performance for a specific group (using tags) or for a user.

How are these metrics calculated?

Our calculation uses the following criteria:

  • First of all, we only select users defined as "billable" in their profile. This is to make sure non-billable users (such as Sales people) are not taken into account in the calculation (otherwise, your overall performance will be lower than reality)
  • We then use the Workable Hours setting in Account Info to establish the Monthly Available Working Hours for each eligible user
  • We then remove the week-ends (Saturday and Sunday) and the hours booked on time-off projects
  • This gives us the "Bookable Hours" as the base for each metric

Productivity: the percentage of the Bookable Hours that has work hours booked (no matter whether they are billable or not). If your Productivity rate is 95%, it means 95% of the Bookable Hours are indeed booked. The objective is of course to be at 100% to ensure nobody is waiting on the bench.

Utilization: the percentage of the Bookable Hours that has billable hours booked. If your Utilization rate is 75%, it means 75% of the Bookable Hours are booked for billable projects your customers will pay for.