The Teambook integration with Harvest allows you to track your time directly from Teambook.

1. Activate the Harvest time tracker in your Teambook account (administrators only)

Activate the integration to add a time-tracking button in the Homepage. This will display the stopwatch icon to all users in your account.


2. Connect to Harvest and link projects

Go to your homepage and click the stopwatch icon in the booking to open the Harvest time-tracking popup window.

If it’s the first time you are tracking time for this project, you will be asked to connect to Harvest and link it to an existing one. If you haven’t been granted an access to this project in Harvest, you will have to ask your Harvest administrator to get you assigned to it. Once the Teambook project is linked to Harvest project, any new booking you track time to within that project will automatically pop open the same project in Harvest.

3. Track your time

2 options to track your time:

Option 1: Start and stop the time tracker

Click on the stopwatch icon and click “Start Timer”

Tracking starts and will continue as long as you don’t stop the timer (stopwatch icon in blue means tracking is in progress).

To stop the timer, click on the stopwatch icon and “Stop Timer”.

Option 2: Enter manually your time

Click on the stopwatch icon.

Enter your time in the Duration field and click “Save Entry”

3. Booking link

Finally, when you submit time from Teambook, a link is saved in Harvest with the time entry that brings you back to the booking details in Teambook. This makes it convenient for project managers and you to easily match time entries in Harvest with bookings in Teambook.