For the account owner.

  1. Click on your Name (top right corner)
  2. Click on Account Settings
  3. Stay on the General Info tab. 


The following info can be updated:

  • Company Name: change here the name of your company

  • Web Address: modify here the address used to access your account from the browser. NOTE: changing the web address will affect all users (as old address will no longer work), thus don’t forget to inform your team!

  • Time Zone: change the system time zone. Any new user created will inherit this time zone, unless they update it in their profile (in that case, updating the default time zone will not influence their account)

  • Owner: The account owner is the person who originally set up your Teambook account. The account owner has all administrator privileges and is the only one who can cancel your Teambook account. Only the current account owner can transfer the ownership to another administrator. The ownership transfer takes effect immediately when you save

  • Workable Hours: this setting allows you to modify the daily business hours set to 8 by default. More info here

  • Default Booking Hours: this parameter is used to define the default duration when creating a new booking


If the current owner of your account is not available, contact our support.