Planners and Administrators can create, import, edit, archive and duplicate projects.

Creating a project allows you to book users to it and track allocated budget.

  1. Go to the Projects section
  2. Click on Create Project
  3. Enter the project name and a code to identify the project
  4. Select the Project Type (billable, non-billable or time-off)
  5. If you have a Budget, enter it (in hours). Use it to track the project budget vs the booked hours
  6. Select the Client associated with the project or Add a New Client with the quick entry box
  7. Optional: enter a Start Date and End Date of the project
  8. Optional: select a Project Manager
  9. Select a Project Color (or icon for time-off projects). This color is displayed in the Planning in order to easily distinguish projects
  10. If you have more than one team, select the team that will take care of the project.
  11. Optional: Enter Project Notes if needed
  12. Click Save Changes. Your project is now listed in Projects

Alternatively, you can import projects - very useful to create many projects in one shot!













To edit a project:

  1. Select the project from the project list
  2. Click on Edit at the bottom of the right panel
  3. Follow the same steps as above