When creating a Teambook account, an Example Team (with sample data) is automatically created. Most of the small companies only use one Team and don’t need to create a 2nd one.

In case you manage multi-offices, departments or teams spread around the world, you might be interested in creating various Teams. This gives you a big flexibility to handle different teams with different bank holidays, dedicated projects and so on.

The benefit of Teams is that you can also share your resources, as users can be members of multiple Teams. That way, you will handle your primary Team in one Team Board while still being able to add a member that is not part of your primary team in your Board, thus see their availability and book them.

This is very useful for cases where your organization shares a pool of competencies spread in different locations.

To create a Team:

  1. Go to the Planner section
  2. Click on more, at the bottom of the team list
  3. Enter the name of the new team
  4. Click on Create


Your new Team will now be at the top of the list from the Planner section.







When clicking on it you'll open an empty Team Board. From there, you can start adding users and bookings to the Team board.