Bulk editing can be used when you need to apply the same changes to multiple bookings and to move various bookings at once.  

To use the bulk edit feature:

  1. Turn on the bulk edit function
  2. Select the bookings you would like to edit or delete (click on each booking)
  3. Make your changes in the Bulk Edit Form that will appear to the right of your Team Board
  4. Click Save Booking 

Most settings are editable in bulk, the same way as when creating/editing a normal booking. Which means, you can use the feature to edit one or multiple settings (project, duration, description,...) of multiple bookings in a single panel. 


Move various booking at once with the bulk edit

  1. Select your bookings on bulk edit mode
  2. On the "Move" field, enter the number of days or weeks you want to move the bookings
  3. Click on Save Booking



The bulk edit is a great time saving feature. Here are some real-life example of its use:

Some team members are booked on a holiday by mistake?

Use the bulk edit to change the booked projects for a full day time-off project.


An urgent on-client-site project came up and it has priority over the rest for the next two days?

Use the bulk edit to replace the bookings of these two days with the new project and add an "urgent" note in the description.