Planners and administrators can create bookings for their team members on projects from the Planner section:

1. Go to your Team Board (in the Planner section)

2. Click on the day where you'd like to create a new event, providing this day has still some remaining free time. You can also select numerous days in one shot for bulk booking

E.g. : Multiple cell selection

3. In the New Booking panel, select the project and complete booking details

  • Tentative: select this option if the booking is not yet confirmed
  • On client site: select this option when the member must work on this booking on customer’s site
  • Duration: define the duration of your booking
  • Start-time: enter the start time of your booking. Note this field is only informative, it doesn't influence the booking order.
  • Repeat: select if you want this booking to be repeated. Note the specific instructions regarding recurring / repeated bookings
  • Booking description: add any information that can help the assigned member to better achieve the assignment related to this booking
  • Note on Time-off: when the booking is related to a time-off project, the option client site is no longer available and an info field “Time-off” is displayed to let you know that this project is of type time-off

4. Click Save Booking